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Dignity and personal attention for over 25 years

Price Example

No ceremony

The simplest solution. Burial or cremation only. Adjustments can be made. Price shown is without municipal taxes.

NOK 12 500,-

Price Example

Basic funeral

Dignified funeral at Møllendal chapel, with all that is required. Adjustments can be made. Price shown is without municipal taxes. 

NOK 29 900,-

Price Estimate

Urn to home

Arrangements made for urn to be taken or sent to home country for burial there.  Services needed and costs depend on several factors. Price shown is without municipal taxes.

19 000,-


Repatriation of both people requiring return to their home country and Norwegian citizens to be carried here. Services needed and costs depend on several factors. Price shown without municipal taxes.

NOK 40 000,-

Price Estimate

Bjørgvin Funeral Directors are here to help and guide you.

Our duty is to make this challenging time as gentle as possible for you, and will guide you through every step. We serve Bergen and the county Vestland.

In the event of someone passing at home, or if you require immediate assistance, please call us. We are always open, and can arrange collection day or night.  Once a medical certificate of death has been issued by a doctor, we can handle all arrangements for you, or help guide and advise you.

Our services include everything you require in connection with the funeral -- from arranging the removal of the deceased, filing documents to the Registry Office, organising the ceremony and burial or cremation, placing an obituary in the newspaper and online, ordering flowers, or just giving you advice with no obligation.

We carry out repatriations, both of foreign citizens or people requiring return to their home country, and Norwegian citizens who are to be transported here. Our office manages all necessary arrangements including correspondence with embassy or consulate, acquiring and filing relevant documents, transportation by car, air or other means, communications and preparations with funeral directors in recipient country, et cetera. Services needed for repatriations depend on several factors. Expenses in connection with a death abroad are either covered by the deceased’s insurance, if applicable, or paid by the estate or the relatives. 

Our website in Norwegian contains extensive information on almost all aspects in relation to a funeral. Please click here to go to it.

What we mean by «dignity and personal attention».

When someone we love or know pass away, we are faced with perhaps the most challenging time of our lives. People in this situation are our clients, and this fact demands high expectations from us. With more than 25 years of experience, we realise much of what the bereaved need and want in this difficult process.

Dignity is a complex term to define. For us it principally means that the funeral is carried out listening carefully to the bereaved, and honouring the wishes of the person who has died, including that person's religion or life stance. All of this, whilst always maintaining the very highest professional and ethical standards.


We do not believe that one service fits all -- on the contrary. All different kinds of requests can and will be accommodated to ensure that each funeral is a personal tribute to the deceased. It is important to us that we can offer our clients what they want. Every funeral we fulfil is different and we are guided by the people who come to us, including their budget. 

We will assign you with one contact person, who will guide and help you every step of the way, with warm and reassuring assistance. Every question or issue -- large or small -- is carefully considered and answered. This is because we believe that a funeral director's duty not only is to carry out the mere practicalities of a funeral, but also to help the bereaved in managing their grief.


That is why our motto is «Dignity and personal attention».

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No hidden costs.

We give you no surprises in terms of expenses (or otherwise).

We operate by set prices. After having consulted with you, clarifying what you need and want, we provide you with a written offer detailing the contents and exact cost of our services. This is the same amount that will appear on your invoice.  

The cost depends entirely on your specifications and the level of service you require, so it’s important that you plan the funeral with the assistance of one of our funeral directors who can explain all the options open to you.


Furthermore, we do not cut corners in order to lower our own expenses. For example are all the coffins that we provide made of solid wood, in stead of chipboard / MDF.

You will find our complete price list here. 

We are always  available.

You contact us free of charge and with no obligation. 


Free parking outside of our offices.  Entrance B.
Please telephone before visiting us. 

Nattlandsveien 8 — 5093 Bergen   Map, click here.

We serve Bergen and the county Vestland — Norway.

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